Using Hand Tools To Do-It-Yourself

Hand tools are important. Some say you can know the quality of a man from the tools that he keeps.

Tools are the means in which we interact with our things, shaping them, changing them. Tools form bonds between them and the wielder.

Hand tools are considered outdated by much of today’s younger crowd. With the advent of the computer age, meddling with something with your own hands and using your bodily force is now considered too tiring and even archaic.

Most of the youth of today are comforted with the notion that with a click of the mouse, they can call for some online repairman to come to their house and fix something.

It is sad to think that a lot of the new blood have forgotten how to use even the simplest of tools such as the hammer and screwdriver, much less the more complex ones like the best socket sets and wrench configurations. They are more dependent on other people working for them because of the constant automation.

But that is not the only thing that has resulted from the use of the internet. Another more curious thing has also happened.

The DIY or do it yourself ethos of the years long past have also grown on the net. Those still willing to work or mend using their own hands now have the support of entire communities, pooling their ideas in message boards and the like.

Now, there are individuals that also want to try out making their own card tables, cabinets, guitars, and any other project requiring tools that might have been to hard in the past because there was no access to information on the subject.

Now, there are kids that want to know where to get the best socket sets, the best long nosed pliers, and the best nuts and bolts for the project they are on. And the best part is? There is always someone online with the answers.

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