The Importance of Socks

socksNearly everyone wears socks. Socks are the important fashion articles that most people never see you wear.

You can wear tube socks or ankle socks. You can wear long socks or short socks. Some men even wear toe socks.

While most men will opt for longer, black socks for dress outfits and shorter, white socks for leisure, some men will go crazy with their choice of sock.

Most people will not see them, but there are instances when they will. For instance, if a man sits down his pants may momentarily draw up revealing his socks. This is normally an occasion when black ones are most appropriate. Socks are also acceptable in grays and browns.

Socks are important because they help your feet stay warm in the winter and prevent blisters from wearing shoes. Socks help prevent your shoes from smelling bad as they absorb most of the sweat.

You will want different socks for work than for working out. Your workout socks will eventually smell like your feet no matter how much you wash them. This is not something you want to take to the work place.

The best socks provide cushioning for your feet. They also allow your feet to breathe with stretchable fabrics. Socks should not be so tight that the elastic cuts your legs. They also should not be so loose that they fall down. You should be able to comfortably move your toes in them.

You can buy more expensive socks if you prefer but the most important thing about your socks is that they are comfortable and functional. Socks can be relatively cheap if bought at a department store, or more expensive if bought at a fancy boutique. They can be simple, or classy like personalized cufflinks. Socks can add layers of comfort to any outfit.

You can buy special socks to keep your feet dry or smelling nice while you work out. You can buy socks with targeted cushioning for specific foot problems like plantar fascitis.

Socks are easy to shop for. Most socks are one size fits all or most. Socks come in packs of multiples and you do not have to know too much about them to shop for them. Socks are part of the foundation of your outfit. If you get the foundation garments right, the rest of your outfit will come together with ease.

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