Space Saving Jewelry Organizers

wall jewelry organizer

A jewelry organizer for the wall is one way to save space when storing and organizing your jewelry.

For a die hard jewelry enthusiast and jewelry collector, having a full scale and large jewelry collection that is not properly organized is not a surprise.

Space efficiency is an important factor to consider after you have collected a large amount of jewelry items.

However most of the jewelry organizing tools today focus more on the decorative essentials of the organizers themselves, like a jewelry tree or a necklace holder for instance.

But these jewelry trees and such are not truly ideal for jewelry collectors who want to save space and who want to accommodate all their jewelry collection in one organizer.

The best way is to use the space of the wall and display all your jewelry collections there.

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This way, you don’t run the risk of clutter on top of your tables or dressers which is likely if you try to squeeze all of your collection into jewelry boxes or a free standing jewelry organizer.

The following are highly recommended jewelry organizing tools for those who want to save space, but need a large storage capacity.

Wall Jewelry Organizer.

jewelry organizer for wall

A large jewelry organizer with a door and mirror is a popular choice for many people.

A large hanging wall jewelry organizer is highly recommended if you want to save space, accommodate a large storage capacity, and is good if you are looking for a decorative interior accent as well.

An organizer like the wall mounted jewelry organizer pictured to the left is made from a well furnished solid wood construction and it is also often equipped with lock and key feature to maximize protection.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer.

Hanging jewelry organizers are often much like a large jewelry organizer with pockets made mostly from transparent vinyl sheets.

One of the cheapest types of space saving jewelry organizers, a hanging jewelry organizer offer an individualized compartment for each jewelry item you have.

While this type of cheap organizer does in fact get the job done, they don’t look all that good to most people.  The plastic tends to dry out in time, starts to crack, and you end up buying something else before too long.  They are good for people on a tight budget though.

Overdoor jewelry organizer

cheap over the door jewelry organizer

You can find a pretty classy, but still cheap over the door jewelry organizer at

An over the door jewelry organizer is the kind of organizer that is ideally hung on the back of your bedroom door.

It is often made up of a durable powder coated steel or wood and they have hooks where you can hang your collection.

Many people are surprised at the large variety and styles that are available in this type of jewellery organization equipment.

Many times one of these large decorative jewelry organizers are great or those who are used to storing all of their jewellery in a modern wooden jewelry box and always searching for a pair of diamond earrings, or wondering which drawer they put that blue diamond solitaire pendant in.

If this sounds like you, then one of these organizers may be just what you need to get your own jewelry organization back on track.


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