Which Brand of Coconut Water?

Zico coconut water

Zico coconut water

Coconut water is a remarkable drink with many properties that are good for maintaining the health of the body.

Many people around the world are brought up drinking coconut water every day straight from the husk.

These people become accustomed to the slight tang of coconut water.

When they move to a country that has cold winters and thus no coconut palms they wish to continue enjoying the benefits of coconut water but cannot decide which brand to go for.

In America most of the coconut water sold is made from coconuts that grow in the north part of Brazil.  This makes geographical sense.

The 3 main brands of coconut water in the Sates are O.N.E, Zico and Vita Coco.

Zico coconut water is marketed as a sports drink and the company promotes this image by sponsoring sports events. Zico coconut water is organic, gluten free and kosher certified. It has perhaps the smoothest taste of the three brands under scrutiny. It balances the sweetness and tang of the coconut water.

Vita Coco now has Madonna on its board of directors. It is heavily endorsed by famous names. It too is made from organically grown coconuts from Brazil. Vita Coco has the strongest coconut flavor of the three brands and has a fairly creamy body and nutty taste.

O.N.E is an acronym that means ‘One natural experience’. It is the sweetest tasting of the three brands.

O.N.E coconut water doesn’t have any added sugar but it does often contain a ‘splash’ of fruit juice. While some people find O.N.E to be too watery, others claim that it is the closest to the taste of coconut water straight from the husk.

All three brands cost about the same for a small tetrapak. Individually the cans cost about $2 each.  Because of the price it is recommended that you try all three brands and decide for yourself which brand of coconut water suits you best.

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