Who Will Be Your Designated Driver On The Next Pub Crawl?

Knowing full well that they don’t use the term ‘crawl’ for no good reason (crawling is about your only means of getting around after one of these), next time you all want to enjoy a pub crawl, a poker run, or any one of a million excuses for hitting various bars consecutively, you might want to take the couple of moments that it will consume to check into getting you and your drinking buddies a limo.

Pub crawling in a limo image via Flickr

Not a pub crawl? Alright then…

Of course pub crawls and poker runs aren’t the only parties in town. There are all types of occasions for a bar hopping party.

  • Bachelor(ette) Party: get all the guys or gals together for one last blow out before being tied down to the old (new) ball and chain.
  • DJ’s DJ’s everywhere: there’s more than one way to spin a record and you can find out just how many by sampling the DJ dance clubs in the area.
  • Swing dancing: whether you swing to the roaring 20’s, the 30’s, the 40’s or rock-n-rollin’ 50’s you will find a place to do it in Toronto and surrounding areas.
  • ‘I Love The Nightlife’ Disco Party: hit all of the awesome disco spots in town and don’t forget your moves!
  • Dance clubs: for those not stuck in the 80’s there are a plethora of various dance clubs playing the more modern hits.
  • Live entertainment: if recorded music isn’t your cup of tea there are plenty of places to sit down and sample local talents or bigger name entertainers.

They only come out at night

If you’re afraid of vampires or other night creatures there’s nothing saying that your limo can’t run you all over town doing daytime activities with cocktails mixed in. Try some of these with your bloody Mary, screw driver, Mimosa or whatever daytime drink in which you indulge:

  • Shopping excursions: instead of a pub crawl, try out a boutique bounce with cocktails either in the limo, with lunch, or both.
  • The art of fine art: when hitting up the finer sights of the city you may need to break out the finest Champaign.
  • Wine tasting tour: oh sure, you could book one of these with strangers that you never met and maybe don’t even like, or you can put together your own little tasting tour.
  • Food tasting tour: this would be just like the wine tour but you sample many of the area’s finest creations of cuisine (and cocktails). Everybody gets a taste of the big deal dish… that way you can keep the food cost and calories to a minimum and still have room left for the next delicious delicacy.
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