How Safe Are You And Your Belongings On Vacation?

We all assume that when we stay out of town, in a hotel or even in an inexpensive motel, that our belongings and we ourselves are safe. Not a very accurate assumption for some.

Hotel security image via Flickr

There are accommodations with hotel security and then there are inexpensive places to stay that maybe don’t worry about quite so much. So tell us, which place do you want your family to stay in?

A place that is not only alarmed but patrolled? Possibly even a lodging facility that has closed circuit TV monitors watching parking lots, hallways and any other common areas?

What types of concerns plague hotels in 2012?

Sometimes hotel owners are actually ‘afraid’ to address the whole security issue! If only they could see what the security people themselves see:

  • No monsters in the closet: hotel security is a little like a child that thinks there is a monster in their closet. If you open the closet door and turn on the light, the monster no longer exists. The fear of security will no longer exist if the owners ‘turn on the light’ and simply address and remedy the situation with a reliable security system and personnel. The security itself is not the bad guy… the bad guy is!
  • Reduce liability risks: a hotel guest sued a hotel because a stalker somehow managed to film them through the peephole in the room door. If closed circuit TV’s were in place in the hallways with a security guard in place to monitor them, that is something that would have been noticed and not only stopped, but the offender apprehended.
  • Under cover is kept under wraps: credit card fraud is a big concern of many of today’s hotels. With properly trained individuals blending in with your guests and employees you, as a hotel owner, stand a better chance of getting the ‘inside scoop’ before trouble can actually take place.
  • Terrorism: so many years have gone by since the big attack on the U.S. that many businesses have become a bit lax. It is a delicate little business handling these types of issues while still respecting the race, religion and privacy of your temporary residents. Fully trained individuals are required to insure your customer’s safety while not ‘rocking the boat’ at the same time.

Don’t forget about internet safety

If hotel customers have access to Wi-Fi or mobile phone use, make sure you have a secure connection. Passwords or numbers are absolutely necessary! Protect your data and your customers’ as well. Go through a well known, respected service for all your wireless needs too.

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