Why Luxury Watches Are Better

Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera

There may be no finer piece amongst a man’s attire than his luxury watches.

A good watch gives a man a feeling of confidence and sophistication. A good watch has a clean-cut appearance from far away, but as you approach it, you see greater and greater intricacy.

A watch is a work of art, and a fine watch is a masterpiece.

As we look into what makes watches into luxury watches, we can see patterns of what distinguishes them.

If all we wanted was to see the time whenever we liked, we could use a simple watch that costs no more than twenty dollars, but it would come with several drawbacks.

Cheap vs. Expensive Watches

A simple watch will be operated on a battery instead of a gear operated dial.  Also, a simple watch will be made of cheaper materials that will not last more than six months, whereas a better watch will endure for far longer.

The common watches are made with either rubber, plastic, or a cheap metal. Rubber does not hold up to the elements well and will disintegrate after a little while.

Plastic can me made to be durable, but that is rarely the case for a common watch. In the vast majority of cases with plastic watches, it will discolor in the sun and it will become easy to break. Common watches that like to impersonate the true luxury watches are made with cheaper metals.

Cheap watches may look nice for a while, but the true watch will reign supreme in the test of endurance. While I was working in a movie theater, I wore a watch that looked very nice and that resembled the look of a much more expensive watch.

I wore the watch proudly everywhere I went, and I even received some generous compliments on it. Of course, I wore the watch as I worked, and it help up very well for the first month or so.

At that time, the finish on the watch began to deteriorate, revealing a horribly dull iron-looking metal that was not pleasant to look at. Not long after the finish started to wear, the function of the watch also began to decline. I was very displeased with this watch. It seems that I got what I paid for.

But, when I came across a sample of luxury watches that included the likes of Tag Heuer and Rolex, I was intrigued and drawn to their look. I have always wanted to buy one, and someday I will own one.  At the very least, one of the higher quality military watches will work well for me.

Though I do not yet own any luxury watches, I have spoken with many who have. They all say that it is a worthy investment, and their reasons for saying that are varied. There are some luxury watch owners that love the look of them; even after years, they still are seemingly entranced by simply looking at them.

Some owners will admire the materials that the luxury watches are made with. The gold, platinum, iridium, diamonds, velvet, and other materials create a feeling of the utmost supremacy.

This supremacy is a feeling of transcending the common materials and settling for no other but the best. Others will admire the function and the craftsmanship of the watches. They feel the inner workings ticking away with such precision that an avalanche could not stop it.

Others, of course, will buy luxury watches for the comfort that they bring, or some for other reasons that are unique to them. Whatever the reason, the common feeling among them is that we should not have to invest in things that will expire. We want things that seem like they will last forever. Like a diamond, a good luxury watch will.

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