What’s the Best Invicta Mens Watch?

Whether you’re out looking for a men’s watch for yourself or a close friend, there’s a good chance you’ve run across Invicta’s watches.

They have a huge selection of deeply discounted watches that makes it easy to find a watch that any guy would love no matter what his style or size preferences. And because Invicta’s men’s watches are so cheap you can find a watch that will fit your budget and will be comparable to the more expensive luxury watches (if that’s what you’re into).

So if you’re looking to buy a new watch, you’ll want to check out this Invicta watch review to see which watch is that best.

invicta watch reviews

Most people would agree that the Invicta Pro Diver series is the best of the Invicta watches.

When looking at the different websites and a lot of the feedback you get from reviews and watch forums, it seems that most people would agree that the Invicta Pro Diver series is the best of the Invicta watches.

This is a series of stylish dive watches that offer the best of looks, price and functionality. To start with the Pro Diver has a finely polished stainless steel watch and bracelet. This provides a nice refined and sophisticated look that is on par with a Rolex or Tag Heuer.

The large watch face and luminescent markings make it easy to read. Then there is the price. The price of the watch is amazing with the cheapest Invicta watches starting around fifty bucks and to get a good one it’s only about 150-200 dollars (USD).  So they are considered to be somewhat of a discount watch, but the quality is there.

When compared to a Rolex or other high priced luxury watch it’s a fraction of the cost. Finally, there is the functionality. This watch can actually be used as a Dive watch unlike a regular pocket watch.

It is water resistant with the best being able to go 500 meters below water, it has a chronograph feature that can time your dives, and the rotating bezel makes a great countdown timer to keep track of how much time you’ve got left on an air tank.  I can see why people thing that this is the best Invicta men’s watch.

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