Writing Article Assignments Online For Cash

article assignments online

If you know where to look you can find article assignments online for decent pay.

If you consider yourself to be even a somewhat talented writer, pay-per-word article assignments online are one of the few ways that any individual can actually make some additional money online the honest way.

For the most skilled of writers, a career can even be made entirely through assignments completed from your computer at home. 

Many people have found that iWriter is a good place to start.

With the ability to set your own work hours, and even the articles you choose to write, these writing careers online are often times the perfect opportunity for an author or journalist of any sort to receive direct payments for their work.

Writers who choose this route will also easily gain various contacts for employment in addition to the credibility they will be building for themselves all the while.

If you are interested in the financial aspects of writing article assignments online, and would like to start writing as soon as possible, there are a huge amount of written content provider databases that constantly seek new employment online.

  • Be prepared with a good writing sample and resume that highlights your relevant goals and achievements in the literary world. If you own your own website or blog that features articles that you personally wrote, a link to such content could also be used. A link to your previously published work shows that you already know what your doing; make sure that whatever link you provide will direct the editor to content that you have checked for errors or mistakes, as this is very common among blog moderators.
  • Some domains might offer money for articles online, but what they truly offer is an established host to sponsor your articles and provide you with a portion of the revenue gained through advertisements. Although some people do find large success with such domains, it is usually a long time coming before you see any actual profit. Search for employment opportunities that are offering a specific payment per each word you provide them with.

Depending on typing speed, writing ability, and many other factors, an individual is able to make anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars an hour by doing little more than researching and writing on specific topics or keywords.

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