Your Health and Fish Oil

What do we think of when we hear the two words fish and oil?  Yeah oil, we think of cholesterol, cooking oil, lard and butter carp catfish and halibut, right?

Well let us think about this outside the box by knowing both oil and fish are actually good for us.  Combining the two and calling it fish oil, the tissues from oily fish. This contains fatty acids called omega three and has benefits for our health.  The decosahexaenoic acid (DHA) eivosapentaenoic (EPA) is an inflammation reducer in the body.  Salmon carries at least half of the worlds oil production.

fish oil benefits

There are many health benefits if you supplement your diet with fish oil.

So, many of us really have not taken a look at the benefits of fish and what good it does for the human body. It is produced in pills and liquid, which carries large amount of vitamins, minerals and also proteins. This oil is used for many health conditions. Fish oil is good for weight loss, heart disease, lowers cholesterol (LDL) which are bad cholesterol that the body really does not need, strokes, cardiac deaths, arthritis by reducing the impact of enzymes that would destroy cartilage.

Fish oil benefits the mental health side fish oil relieves stress, depression,  sexual desire that has been decreased, mood stabilizing for bipolar disorders, and fatigue.

Fish oil vitamins are good for almost every health risk a body has such as skin care, pregnancy, hair care, eye disorders, cancer and diabetes.

Fish oil is also good for pain reducer in the eyes, joints and major organs such as lungs and the heart.

Fish oil reduces the dryness of the skin and renews it leaving it shiny and glowing, it is also thought to help with other skin problems such as acne.

Some good sources of fish containing the oil are tuna, herring, lake trout, sardines, oysters, sea bass and mackerel.

Therefore, at the start of article one may think oh no fish oil benefits, fish oil for health. Now once you have read the article all the way to finish you may see that this may be good for you to either try the Omega3 pills or liquid or stock up on your oily fish products.

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