4 Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. If your bathroom looks tired or simply does not suit you anymore, then it is high time that you remodel it.

Homeowners should know that Bathroom renovations are very huge tasks therefore; you have to plan properly.

A Renovated Bathroom


You are sure to end up with a spectacular bathroom that is inviting and elegant.  Effective planning also ensures that you work according to your budget and finish the job in perfect time.

Here is how to plan for this demanding but rewarding task:

1. Fix your budget

This is the first thing that you have to do when planning for the job. The budget dictates what you can be able to achieve.

It is important to include everything, such as the cost of getting rid of current fittings, hiring plumbers, buying the new fittings and the cost of other essential materials such as paint, floor tiles, pipes etc.

It is worth doing a little bit of research to come up with a rough estimate before you start ordering items. In addition, consider including a sizable buffer (as much as 20%), in case of any emergencies.

2. Decide on what has to be done

Planning is all about forecasting or determining before hand, what you want to do.

Analyze your bathroom carefully to determine what no longer works for you, if you have stayed for years without replacing anything, chances are that you will get rid of everything and start from zero.

You may want to think about the future in that making space for a handicapped tub or shower may be useful later on in life – or for those who may buy the house when you sell it.

However, there are items in the room which you will still need to keep; for instance, you can retain the bath tub if it is still in good shape. This also helps to reduce the budget; buying new fittings is very expensive.

3. Determine how you want the new bathroom to look

When planning, you will have to visualize how you want the bathroom to appear after the remodeling.

The entire newly remodeled bathroom should be very relaxing and comfortable for all users. Ensure that you also know how much storage space you need. Visit bathroom shops so that you can check out what materials are perfect for your new bathroom.  There are plenty of luxury bathroom items to choose from.

4. Take your time

The process can prove to be a very complex one, so, you have to allocate enough time to it.

Taking enough time will ensure that everything will work out perfectly. You can use another area in the home for bathing or a neighbor’s bathroom when the process is underway.  Alternatively, hire a portable bathroom that you put outside the house; include this in your budget.

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