A Basic Guide To The Chicken And Rice Casserole Recipe

People who have never used a chicken and rice casserole recipe before will be pleased to learn that this dish is easy to make, affordable and adaptable. Cooks who take the time to learn how to cook a casserole will find that they have a backup meal for when they are running short of ingredients or simply do not know what to cook that night.

What is a Casserole?

A casserole is a meal that is cooked in a dish and served in that same pot. Essentially the cook throws the ingredients into a pot, puts it in the over and serves it by cutting pieces directly out of the pot.

What is in a Casserole?

Generally most people use chicken as the main meat in their casserole. How the chicken is cooked does not matter so a lot of people tend to use leftovers when creating this meal. It is important to note that the chicken should be cooked before it is placed in the casserole dish.

The next main ingredient should be a starch of some sort. Many people use pasta or potatoes however rice is becoming more common as people are starting to experiment with recipes.

How to Make a Modern Casserole

More and more people are looking for ways to vary their casserole recipes. One popular method of updating the traditional casserole is to add ethnic foods to it. For example a cook may have leftovers from the chicken curry recipe they used the previous night. They can then add the leftover chicken to the casserole in order to give it a spicy flavor.

Casseroles are a excellent dinner option for people who are too tired to cook or need to make the most of leftovers they have in the fridge. An added benefit is this meal costs next to nothing to cook.

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