A Buyer’s Agent Compared to a Seller’s Agent

It is very common to find a real estate agent from the seller’s side helping them look for a prospective buyer. They are the one’s representing the seller making sure all information about the property will be given to the buyer.

Some people feel that this is a disadvantage to the buyer since some of the sellers are just focusing on the selling part with all the positive options given out and sometimes trying to cover all the negative ones. This adds stress to the buyer as a result, believing that everything that is given by the seller is true, leaving them no choice but to believe what they are being told about the property.

This is different in the case of a buyer’s agent. They are pro-buyer, which means they are more focused on what the buyer can get and will see to it that they will be able to uncover all the negative aspects or maybe reveal the information the seller’s agent is hiding.  This also allows the buyers to settle down and make a wiser decision before closing a sale.

Looking for a buyer’s agent is not easy considering that, at a certain point, there might be instances where you will not be able to find an agent who truly is a pro-buyer type.

To protect yourself when buying real estate, there is going to be an agreement that you will sign before the agent will start the process of helping you to find a home. This will protect you in several ways and should also give you more confidence that the agent will keep your best interests in mind rather than their own.

Regardless of what type of agent they are, they will still be getting their commission from the same place. However, let me emphasize further on the advantages someone like a Brisbane buyers advocate can give.

As mentioned earlier, they are pro-buyer. This simply means that they work for the buyer and not the seller. They are not helping only the seller but also the buyer as well ensuring a fair agreement between both parties. They tend to help the buyer’s end more though and can help eliminate all the possible issues that may arise during the process.

During the negotiation and the actual visit, the buyer’s agents are the ones who will list down all the potential problems including the potential issues that may arise when it comes to the quality of the materials, give advantage on the location of the house itself and carefully decide whether this will give positive interest to the buyer or not.

They have strong sense of negotiation and are very professional and up to date on the latest selling prices or depreciation costs. They tend to give a buyer an educated decision during the process as well.

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