Knee High Socks for the Fashion Conscious

knee high socks

Knee high socks come in a large variety of colors and styles.

One fashion trend that is very popular is the use of knee high socks. It has been around ever since the 1960s because that was also the time when the mini-skirt became popular.

People thought that wearing mini-skirts was a bit controversial back then so the knee highs were made to cover some skin. Knee highs are not made like the traditional socks because they have to cover the legs, thus the material used is usually stretchy.

There are so many trends that have inspired designers for so many years and there are trends that have been established as necessities. The fashion trends usually depend on the weather. During the fall and winter seasons, socks are considered a hot trend.

In some schools, knee highs are the required socks. Like mentioned earlier, the knee highs are paired with mini-skirts.

Some people think that wearing knee highs can either make them look funky or preppy. It would actually depend on the style and the transparency of the socks. Knee highs are sometimes worn over leggings or under leg warmers.

There are some knee highs that are made with sheer material and this is usually paired with semi formal dresses. Knee highs that are dark in color and are thicker than usual cheap socks that are paired with sneakers and funky clothing.

Socks are important though, and some people do not like to follow the norm. Some pair funky socks with semi formal attire while some use girly knee highs while wearing casual clothing.

The great thing about knee high socks is that it can make an outfit look sexy or conservative. It would just depend on the person wearing a certain outfit how she could make it look that way. It can also be worn in different ways and at different times. It’s something that can make a person look fashion forward in an instant.

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