Four Ways To Get Money For Lap Band Surgery

Here are four ways in which a person can get the money to have a lap band implanted. That is against a background where the lap band as a device, as well as the laparoscopic surgery to implant it, is going to cost a lot of money.

In fact, to many people, the whole thing is viewed as ‘project’ on account of the substantial sums of money involved. A person learning for the first time that he or she may need to have a lap band installed is likely to end up grappling with the question as to how the money for the whole ‘project’ is to be obtained. And that is where the person in question is likely to end up with four options, in terms of ways in which money can be obtained to buy the device, and get the implantation procedure performed. The four ways in question would include:

Through personal savings. Seeing that the whole thing isn’t exactly a medical emergency (though staying overweight for too long is likely to lead to a medical emergency), one can over time save adequate money for the device and the procedure.

In any event, the term ‘savings’ is relative – and putting money aside even for a single month can still be termed as ‘saving.’ Depending on one’s income, it may be possible to save adequate money in a matter of weeks or months. Then again, one could already have an adequate sum of money in his or her savings account, or possibly in an annuity or 401k plan for the device and the procedure.

Spending saved money on a lap band can’t be termed as ‘wasting money’ by the way. This, after all, is an investment in one’s health: which is one of the best things a person can do with his or her money.

Through a loan. There are financial institutions that are willing to finance a person for lapband implantation (including the procurement of the device), provided one can show ability to repay. Borrowing may be better than saving for the project, because having borrowed the money, you can get the procedure performed immediately.

That would be better than trying to save for it, only to realize, by the time you raise enough money, that it is already too late, and being overweight has already taken a major toll on your health. It may thus be better to take one of these loans, and then repay it with the money you’d have saved for the project over time.

Health Insurance. There are some health insurers who are willing to finance procedures like these. If you have just realized that you actually need to have the lap band, you can check with your health insurance provider, to see whether they can cover the costs of the device and implantation procedure, either wholly or in part.

Through a personal gift. This is where, for instance, a spouse can give the other one the necessary money for lap band procurement and installation as a ‘gift.’  It is also where a parent can give a child the same – or where an adult child can gift a parent with the necessary sum of money for lap band procurement and implantation. We have even had cases where friends with no blood relations help each other in this way.

For many people the ability to lose weight of their own accord just is not possible and lap band surgery is one of the few options that they have to get their weight, and other health problems under control.

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