Buy The Best Amber Jewellery Direct From Gdansk

gdansk Poland amber jewelry

Gdansk Poland is well known for producing the best Amber Jewellery such as these amber earrings.

Are you looking for a great amber piece? Do you want something that’s crafted by seasoned artists?  If you do, you should shop only for Polish amber as manufacturers from this area are known to produce the best amber jewellery creations in the world.

Gdank is a town located at the northern Baltic coast where people have been practicing and perfecting their craft for generations.

When you go shopping you will want to be sure that you are purchasing from a trusted store such as JBL Amber Janusz Lapinski.  It’s a company that’s been producing quality amber pieces for over 30 years now.  They are based in Gdansk.

If you look in on their collection, you’ll be pleased to find that they sell all kinds of jewelries you’ll love.  They have amber earrings in stud, hoop and dangle designs, along with exciting bangles and bracelets.

They also have contemporary designs that are set with sterling silver. Sterling silver is a good alloy to set amber because it makes the honey gold color of the amber pop out more.  There are many shades of amber. Aside from the usual honey gold yellow, it also comes in green and cognac shades. The colors can be better appreciated when it’s held up against the light.

Are you planning to give the special person in your life this fine jewelry?  If you are, then you’ll be happy to know that JBL accepts custom designs. You can have your name inscribed in the ring or design the jewelry yourself.  Amber is a great gift to give because it’s beautiful, unique and at the same time affordable by just about anyone.

Amber is a resin that’s made from tree sap that has hardened hundreds and thousands of years ago.  Some small particles and insect may get stuck in the sap.  When the sap hardens, they’re made into beautiful fossil jewelries.  Having it around your finger or wrist is like having a time capsule on your hands.

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