Buying Cheap 10k Gold Jewelry Online

cheap 10k gold jewelry

For the cheap gold jewelry online such as the 10k gold pieces, you have 40% gold and 60% other metal alloys.

We all know that gold can be a very expensive metal when used to create jewelry.

If you have thousands of dollars in your bank account most likely you do not care about cheap gold jewelry, but for others who do not have that much money you can probably afford a good piece without giving it too much thought, so if you don’t have too much cash to spare, don’t worry.

You can still have high quality gold pieces with a tight budget.

A good way to do this would be to get yourself a 10k gold design.

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Why buy 10k gold? It’s because these pieces really do have gold in them, and although they are very affordable, they are much better than the electroplated choices.

What are gold carats anyway?  Well, pure gold is 24 carat and is quite expensive because you’ll need more gold in whatever you are creating. Gold is also a soft metal so it’s not really advisable to have 24k gold jewelry even if you could afford it.

You don’t want them to dent and deform after a few months right?  To avoid this, gold is mixed with other harder and cheaper metals like silver, zinc, copper and nickel. This cuts cost depending on the ratio of other cheaper alloys with pure gold.

For the cheap gold jewelry online such as the 10k gold pieces, you have 40% gold and 60% other metal alloys.

Don’t worry because it still looks like gold even if the percentage of other metals is greater. If you have allergies to jewelries, you should probably opt for those white gold pieces that are nickel free.

So how much should you pay for a cheap gold jewelry that’s made in 10k gold? Well that really depends on the size and type of jewelry you are buying.  To give you an idea, some online shops like Limoges have 10k rings for only 80 USD.  They are great as wedding bands.

You can have them engraved with your names or any saying for only a minimum fee. If you want your engravings to be etched on the outer surface of the ring so others can see, these pieces will run you around 150 USD.

For an extra sparkle, you can cut the diamonds and the rubies from your list as they are notoriously expensive. You can opt for the cubic zirconium ones. They are laboratory made stones that look and feel like diamonds.

Amazon is one of the better places to buy cheap gold jewelry online.  They have a large selection of 10k gold cheap jewelry, and a liberal return policy if you find that what you ordered is not the right thing for you.

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