Bipolar Disorder Symptoms in Children – Understanding Exhibitions of Depression

Nothing is more disturbing for a parent and to see their children suffering. Bipolar disorder symptoms in children are becoming more and more common. Bipolar disorder effects a large proportion of the adult population of the world yet it is not understood that these symptoms are generally occurring in these adults well before they reach the age of 18.

If you think that your child may be suffering from bipolar disorder symptoms then there are a few things that can indicate whether your child is experiencing the depression side of it.

The symptoms of depression in bipolar disorder may last for an extended period of time.  Or, these symptoms may alternate fairly rapidly with the opposite symptoms, the manic symptoms, throughout the day. During the winter months, and that’s even through the months of autumn, the symptoms of depression, and being always tired may be more pronounced.

Other symptoms that you can watch out for include a lack of motivation.  Things that would be normally appealing to your child may all have a certain become unappealing as they lose the desire to do them. You cannot give your child incentives to do anything because these incentives have now become meaningless. Your child may start to utter statements such as “I don’t care” or “why should I bother”.

They may also suffer from a lack of energy.  They may complain of being too tired, saying things like “I can’t do that”. Also, they may find it very difficult to concentrate. You may notice this when they are doing their homework. Tasks that used to be very easy for them and all of a sudden become very difficult.

They might also show signs of daydreaming, or being unable to focus on anything in particular. Another element of this, and a quite disturbing one, is when the child may be focusing on death. It has been known to children to start giving away some of their precious possessions in order to get ready for their own death. You may also hear them uttering statements such as “everybody would be better off if I wasn’t on this planet”.

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