Decorating your first home

So you’ve finally moved out of your parents’ house, or that apartment you shared with five other guys – congratulations!   However, now you want your place to look nice but find that you can’t afford that leather suite and arc floor lamp that you’ve been eyeing.

Cheer up!  There are ways to decorate for less, thanks to things like paint and dining chair covers!

The first thing you should be aware of when you set out to decorate your very first home is that it’s always better to buy second hand when you’re strapped for cash. However, don’t try to be too cheap and get things that are broken or can’t be fixed.  Often you will find friends and family giving things away, or can find nice almost new furniture on the curb.

Freecycle is another great resource for obtaining things for free.  However, just because something is free or very cheap doesn’t mean you have to get it. Consider if it suits your tastes and will fit into your place.   Many people consider different colors that others really don’t like a lot such as purple and black rooms, but you should only get and do the things that you love.

Not everything you get will be in pristine condition. Learn to reupholster easily with a staple gun, or simply get stretch sofa covers or chair covers.  Use nice fabric and some pretty cushions.

Try to decorate your walls with some art.  Steer clear of movie posters though, unless they are vintage.  Use nice photo frames and only get prints that you love.  You can also create your own artwork for your walls if you are artistic, or get your young nephews and nieces to create a very bright montage of monsters and dragons.

A bit of creativity can go a long way towards setting up your first home for less. Don’t get trapped into thinking that everything should be perfect and don’t go near places that offer credit and financing deals – you are too young to get into debt.

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