The Cause of Canker Sore Investigated

The cause of canker sores is still not known in the medical world that is why there is still no generic cure for it. There are a lot of speculations and intelligent guesses though to the cause of canker sore. There are doctors who firmly believe that canker sore is caused by bacteria known as the Streptococcus bacteria. This is the same bacteria that cause strep throat. Other doctors, meanwhile, are convinced that canker sore is a result of an allergic reaction based on what the individual ate.

For women, their canker sore often comes out during their menstrual cycle that is why there are beliefs that canker sore may be related to hormones. Others think it is a result of vitamin deficiency, particularly that of vitamin B12. There are a lot more speculations as to the cause of canker sore but there is still no solid proof on which one is right. There is no single source as of today so there is also no single cure for this oral anomaly.

Little Rock Dental clinic is taking dual approach in terms of combating canker sore. The clinic is teaching its patients to practice prevention as well as palliative care. Prevention involves proper oral hygiene. It means you have to brush your teeth every after meal to prevent any food particle build up and bacteria build up in your mouth. The less bacteria inside the mouth, then there is lesser risk of having canker sore. You also have to visit your Little Rock dentists regularly. It also helps to rinse the mouth with mouthwash and floss the teeth to be able to flush out any food particle that is not cleansed by brushing.

Palliative care has to do with minimizing the pain caused by canker sore. There is a local anesthetic similar to that used by dentists, which you can buy from local drugstores.

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