Cheap Solutions for Yellowing Teeth

Thanks to cheap teeth whitening products the state of Britain’s teeth is improving, helping us to change our bad teeth reputation that held by many people all over the world.  If you find that you are ashamed of your teeth and would like to solve the problem, you will be pleased to hear there is help for everyone, no matter what your budget is.

Teeth whitening UK prices do vary quite drastically.  You will need to discover the type of product you wish to use.  There are many safe and very cheap products that you can buy over the counter in retail shops and chemists.  They start from under £10 for starter kits and the price increases from there.

The kits will include molds that you can fashion specifically to your teeth.  You will then need to put the whitening bleach into the molds and place them in contact with your teeth for the set time period.  You will have to do this over several days to see results, but they can be very effective.

For more stubborn deep set staining the best option may be to visit your dentist.  Whitening is not covered by the National Health Service as it is considered to be purely cosmetic.  But, you may get help with payments if you take out dental coverage, please read over your agreement to see if it is covered.

The prices will depend on the clinic you visit.  Lower end procedures should start from around £200 and you may find good results in just one session.  Higher end solutions such as laser treatment could set you back over £1000.   You may only require one session, it will depend on how heavily stained your teeth are.

Stains are caused by many factors from food and drink, to your genetic code.  There is no need to live with your yellow teeth, treat your smile to a good tooth whitening procedure or product.

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