How to Cope with Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are basically wisdom teeth (or third molars) that are trying to force their way out from the gums they are set in. The wisdom teeth become impacted when they meet resistance in the form of the already exposed molars.

This is an issue that only those whom have yet to have their wisdom teeth extracted will face. The early warning signs of potentially impacted teeth include dull aches and can often be written off as jaw pain because of the location of the teeth.

Your Stockton Dental office will be able to evaluate your teeth and let you know if impacting is occurring. Some may find the pain of this issue to be intolerable from the beginning while others can live with it for years thinking it is just a simple ache that can’t be helped.

One of the main reasons that wisdom teeth are pulled is because there isn’t room for them to naturally assimilate into the already existing row of teeth. The pressure from the wisdom teeth’s attempts to incorporate themselves can cause pain but it can also damage the already exposed teeth cause overcrowding or shifting if not dealt with in time.

Another main concern is that when the tooth cannot completely expose itself it becomes stuck half out of the bone and gums causing a pocket where bacteria can settle and breed. Many individuals that leave their impacted teeth unattended end up with severe bacterial infections in the gums and in some extreme cases may even end up losing more teeth than just the problem ones.

Seeing a Stockton Cosmetic Dental professional on a regular basis will reduce your risk of sustaining serious infections due to impacted teeth. Making an appointment to see your dentist once you notice a consistent ache in your gums will reduce your risk even further.

As long as there is no infection to deal with you should be able to have your wisdom teeth removed within days. Because extraction is an oral surgery you will require a few recovery days but most people can get back into their routines within a day or two.

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