Pushchair Safety Features

double pushchair

Before buying a double pushchair there are a few things you want to think about and look for.

Buying a single or double pushchair is probably one of the first steps that every parent must go through before having a child.

Even though every family household will base their decision about which pushchair or baby stroller to buy on a number of different factors, one factor that should be on the top of every parents list is the safety features of the pushchair.

Some of the most common safety features that you should look for on every push chair that you consider include the following;

Check to see if the brakes of your pushchair are working fine.  The brakes on your pushchair should be easy to use and apply. You shouldn’t be required to exert too much force when it comes to bringing the stroller to a stop.

You might also want to see how the braking system works in wet conditions as it is quite common to have to use a push chair in the rain.

Other important pushchair safety features include checking to see if the locking devices of the push chair are working properly. Every pushchair should come standard with two locking devices.

These locking devices are in place to ensure that the push chair can not suddenly collapse.  Another thing that you would have to be on the look out for is whether or not there are any spaces where your child’s hand could get caught in.

Another safety feature worth considering is the stability of your pushchair.  Check to see if your pushchair rests on the ground properly with all wheels firmly on the ground all at one time. It might be a good idea to take it for a test run.

These were only some of the basic pushchair safety features that you should consider when looking for a push chair. There are many others as well that should be given your full attention.

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