Features that make Weber Gas Grills the Best

Weber Genesis E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Weber gas grills have many features that make them far better than other brands.

Cooking on a barbecue is the best way to combine tradition with modern power. No company understands this better than Weber.

Weber is one of the most famous barbecue and gas grills companies for good reason because you can always be assured of quality performance and a durable product that will last a long time.

Weber has grills in all price categories and it’s nice to be able to get solid cooking performance without having to spend a fortune.

Whether you go with their smaller Weber 1520 go-anywhere portable grill or the impressive S-320 Genesis model, you are sure to enjoy the following features that make Weber barbecues the absolute best.

Top Features of Weber Gas Grills

Fast action with one touch ignition – it’s a pain to deal with lighter fluid and having to wait 20 minutes for charcoal to heat up is a test in patience.

With Weber grills equipped with one touch ignition, you don’t have to wait at all because you are one motion away from powerful cooking action. It’s nice to be able to get to the cooking so quickly so that you can get to the eating faster.

Temperature control – Weber barbecues can be big, but it’s not just about delivering the most power possible. Larger Weber grills come with separate butane burners that each are connected to individual temperature knobs.

That means you can effectively get the right temperature within your grill and it allows you to cook more food. You can have delicate items like seafood and vegetables grilling on one side while chicken wings and burgers are on the other.

Easy to maintain – one thing to look for in a new gas or charcoal grill is the ability to maintain them during the off-season. After all, what’s the point in spending hundreds of dollars on a new grill if it doesn’t have a durable weatherproof design?

When maintained properly, Weber grills are sure to last you for several years and they are extremely easy to clean as well.

Flavor bars – barbecue food is delicious on its own, but imagine being able to evaporate food’s own juices back into the atmosphere. That’s exactly what Weber flavor bars allow you to do, and they come naturally attached to larger models. It’s a great way to give yourself a double infusion of flavor as that tasty smoke circulates around your food.

The oven effect – larger Weber gas grills are great for outdoor cooking while being able to handle direct grilling or slow roasting. All you have to do is close the lid and you’ll have access to an outdoor oven that will bring roast chicken, ribs, or briskets to absolute perfection.

You’re getting much more than an open range, you will also be getting a great slow cooking oven that will give you fall-off-the-bone tender results. Overall, you can’t beat the type of quality built in to Weber gas grills as they come packaged with a straightforward design and the ability to cook huge feasts for your entire family.

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