A Futon Bunk Bed is a Stylish Space Saver

Young people today are keenly aware of style. Whether the subject is stylish clothes or stylish music or stylish cars, they are informed about the choices available to them.  The same holds true for their living spaces.

futon bunk bed

A futon bunk bed is a real space saver for small rooms.

Whether decorating a teen’s room, a college student’s dorm room or a young couple’s first apartment, young people want to fill their space with their own style.

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A single futon bunk bed is a great piece of furniture that meets their need for style while fitting a variety of space and budget needs.

Futon bunk beds usually come in a twin bed over a futon design. The top of this piece is a twin sized bed with a twin mattress and the lower part is a futon sofa by day and a full futon bed with its own mattress at night.

Mattresses for these beds are usually sold separately and the bunk beds themselves can run from $200 to $2000, depending on manufacturer and materials used in construction.

Covers for futons come in many materials, colors and styles to suit any decor too.

These beds typically include full length guardrails for the twin bed on top and a sturdy integrated ladder.

Many futon bunks are made with metal frames painted either black or white. Wooden frames are also used and come in various designs from basic to elegant. These pieces have a more contemporary feel, and work well as a dorm room futon.

These modern twists on traditional bunk beds combine style and function very successfully. They are great for kids, teens and college students as they are great beds for small rooms.

A single futon works well in a small day room, a studio or efficiency apartment, or to give an older teen’s room a new look.

If space is limited, a room does not have to be designated for one use alone, such as guest bedroom. A small office, for example, can enjoy a comfortable sofa during the day then quickly convert into a comfortable bed for a guest at night if you have a futon couch in there.   That is beautiful, stylish convenience.

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