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cowl neck sweater

Many chunky or cowl neck sweaters are made from wool or some combination thereof.

Sweaters are always popular when it starts to get cold outside and one of the most popular of late seems to be the wool cowl neck sweater, or chunky sweaters.

When I started research on this article I really had no idea what cowl neck sweaters were, but I have a friend with a website that is dedicated to all things “wool clothing” called Wool Coats and Stuff and he asked me if I would write an article about sweaters, so here it is.

Now I’ll tell you up front that if you click any of the links in this article and end up buying something my friend is going to get a commission from it.  It won’t be much, and he will appreciate it, so I hope you find this article interesting enough that it will help guide you to what you are looking for.

What I found amazing is that over thirty thousand people a month search for “sweaters” every month online.

Now being an internet marketer myself, I had to dig a little deeper.

What I found is that not only do people search for “sweaters” specifically, they also search for things along the same lines like:

  • wool skirts
  • mens wool sweater
  • lambswool sweater
  • brown sweater (as well as all of the other colors you can think of, but more particularly ones such as, black, orange, white, and amazingly something called “chunky sweaters”.
  • winter sweaters
  • angora sweaters
  • merino sweaters
  • knit sweater dress (those are real sexy)
  • shetland wool sweater
  • merino wool cardigan
  • turtleneck sweater
  • V neck sweater

So I think to myself that my friend must be on to something. There are lots of people looking for good outdoor winter wear, or outerwear as he calls it, and he has started to build a website that is dedicated to all things wool.   Great idea.  An under served market just looking to be fulfilled.

So if you ended up on this page because you searched for any of those things listed above, why not visit his website or store and see if you can find the nice thing that you are looking for?

All of his (developing) store (I know it is not all that pretty yet, but he’ll get there) you can pay for and check out through Amazon.com so you can feel assured that it is safe and secure, and if you find that the wool sweater, or woolen jumper, or whatever that you ordered is not what you want I know that Amazon has a real liberal return policy on all of their items.

I found that you can search his Wool Coats and Stuff store from the search box on his site and the search box will even give you suggestions. I even ended up ordering a sweater dress and a cashmere jumper for my wife, I just couldn’t help it.  It looked real nice.  I hope she likes it.

cowl neck sweater

You can buy this longer Cowl Neck Sweater for around sixty bucks. Now that is sexy and amazing at the same time!

So over there to the right I posted a nice picture of a cowl neck sweater I found on his store with a link right to the page. What I found amazing is that most of them in that category are under $60 or so, and if they are not long wool sweaters you can find them for around $30.

Of course if you are going to get a name brand one like the Armani stitched shawl collar sweater most likely it will cost you upwards of $150, and most anything that is 100% wool will be around $100 or more, but it will be worth it because with proper care of your wool sweaters they will last for many, many years.

I have to look more into the woolen jumpers, or as a lot of people call them, wooly jumpers.  That sounds funny to me for some reason, but somehow I want to turn my wife onto them.

Aren’t they pretty much the same thing as sweater dresses?  Or just oversized sweaters?  Either way they seem to be an excellent choice for a woman to wear in cooler weather without needing a heavy wool coat or even a jacket. Very stylish and an excellent choice for ladies outdoor clothing when it is not extremely cold outside.


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