Depression And Alcoholism – Does Alcohol Cause Depression?

The harsh reality of today is that depression and alcoholism have engulfed a large section of the society. When talking about such serious health problems, some questions that primarily come to mind are – What is the relationship between alcoholism and depression?

What are the main symptoms and causes? Why does alcohol cause depression? How to treat such illness?

An alcohol dependency and depression are two sides of the same coin and it is very difficult to comment which causes which. There are large numbers of people, in particular youngsters who are emerging as major alcoholic depression victims. These people are very much dependent on alcohol as they see it as a solution to all their problems.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a severe addiction of consuming an alcoholic beverage in high and frequent dosages. There can be a wide variety of reasons why people do it. Peer pressure and emotional turbulence are two of the main reasons why people incline towards alcohol.

Excessive consumption of liquor to cope up with a state of depression stage leads to a temporary state of intoxication, in which there is a possibility that a person may lose his or her balance and judgment.

Other common issues with an alcoholic are slurred communication, uncertainty and distorted vision. This happens because alcohol slows down the activities of the central nervous system.

All these activities cause a serious impact on the social as well as personal life of an individual leading to a feeling of guilty and low self esteem. To sum up, depression, anxiety, and alcoholism are truly serious mental and physical illness that can cause serious health problems if not treated properly in respect of time.

You must approach a qualified doctor and discuss alcoholism and possible treatment available. The support of your friends and family will play a crucial role in helping you overcome alcoholism. Start today.

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