Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Have you noticed your hairs on the floor as you take a shower? Have you seen some strands of hair left in your hairbrush? Or have you observed your hair becoming thinner and thinner? If so, you are suffering from hair loss.

thinning hair on man's head

There are many natural treatments for thinning hair that you can try at home.

However, you need not to worry anymore if you are one of those people bothered with hair thinning. This is simply because there are lots of ways to help remedy hair loss.

There is an array of over the counter medications you may use to help halt this certain problem. But for those who are hesitant to use chemically formulated treatments, you may opt for a more natural way of treating your hair.

Treating your hair the natural way is quite inexpensive. Natural hair loss remedies are likewise very effective and risk-free. And also, they are easily accessible from your home. Please read on as I share to you in details some of the natural hair loss remedies you may use at home.


This certain herb is known for its many uses. Ginkgo Biloba helps improve proper blood circulation to the brain and skin. Accordingly, proper blood circulation promotes healthy hair growth simply by transporting essential vitamins to the hair follicles.


Jojoba oil has been traditionally used to promote hair growth. It may help to control dandruff.  It is also a great scalp moisturizer. This certain remedy can be used by almost all people especially those with hypoallergenic skin. This is simply because it mimics the scalps own sebum.


Green tea is known for its therapeutic effects. The natural chemical of green tea mimics Type I 5-alpha-reductase enzyme which converts testosterone into the hair murdering DHT. Through this, hormonal activities which cause hair loss can be blocked.


Burdock root oil is among the commonly used natural hair loss remedies in Europe. This oil can be applied directly to your scalp.

Its phytosterols content makes burdock root oil more potent in improving hair strength and shine. Phytosterols are said to be essential for healthy scalp and hair growth. Burdock root oil is also helpful in reducing dandruff and scalp itchiness.


Red pepper is considered as one of the skin irritants. However, it can be used as one of the natural hair loss remedies. Red pepper works simply by attracting blood and nutrients to the scalp. It can also help promote the release of histamines which stimulate cell division and faster hair growth.

These are just some of the things that people have had found to be effective in the treatment of thinning hair.  There are of course prescription based medicines as well as other over-the-counter hair loss and hair thinning treatments available, but if you are one who prefers a more natural approach, why not give them a try and see what happens?

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