5 Tips For Relief Of Back Pain Caused By A Pinched Nerve

Chronic back pain is often caused by a pinched nerve, and this can make it hard for you to move around in a normal way – even to do the simplest tasks – like walking or getting into the sitting position after being on your feet.

You may find that you can get some relief from back pain caused by a pinched nerve by trying the remedies below, which are all quite safe and easy to do.

lumbar support cushion for office chair

There are a wide variety of different lumbar support cushions available to help you keep your spine in the proper position.

Keep your spine straight.

If you have chronic back pain, the last thing on your mind may be observing proper posture.

Sometimes it may seem that slouching or keeping your shoulders hunched seem to offer more relief, but in the long run, bad posture can seriously harm the intricate arrangement of vertebrae and spinal discs in your back, which really won’t do any favors to a pinched nerve in back.

Carry your weight in the small of your back, throw your shoulders back, and you might just save yourself from days and even weeks of more pain.

Apply a cold compress.

An ice pack pressed against an aching back can feel very soothing and therapeutic.

This works because the coldness of the ice cubes can penetrate through the skin and numb the pinched nerve releasing the pain signals.

Cold therapy is incredibly effective and safe and you can apply a cold compress up to four times a day for maximum pain relief.

therapeutic sleep pillow

There are a wide variety of therapeutic sleep pillows available to help relieve back pain while in bed.

Sleeping Tips For Back Pain Sufferers

When sleeping, place a small pillow under your back or try sleeping on your side. Pinched nerve pain can easily keep you up at night, especially if the pain is located in your back area.

Look for a contoured pillow you can place on the lower part of your back to support the curve between the spine and the hips.

Some people find it easier to sleep on their side, but remember to keep your back straight to avoid worsening the injury and prevent waking up abruptly due to sharp pain.

For feet or leg pain such as those caused by a pinched nerve leg, a supportive pillow situated under the knees or ankles can ease discomfort.

Go for a relaxing massage.

A massage where you are lying on your stomach and the masseuse focuses on your neck, shoulders, back and hips can release tension in your muscles and promote good blood circulation, both of which can do wonders to ease chronic back pain.

Look for a physical therapist who knows the right massage motions to treat pinched nerves and help the muscles and nerves relax.

Visit Your Doctor

If your pain is unbearable you should  immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor – but for most people the pain is bearable, so here are some other back pain relief tips you can try before visiting your doctor.

Your doctor may be able to zero in on the problem and help you obtain some relief from your suffering. Physical therapy works wonders for some people, but in the worse case – he may recommend surgery.

If you have a hard time getting up from a sitting position or standing up if you are already sitting then you may want to take a look at some of the benefits of a lift chair, or if things haven’t gotten that bad for you yet then it may pay to consider some sort of back stretching device.

Either way, back pain of any kind is no fun and you should check out all of the available products that can give you relief from your suffering before resorting to pain pills or surgery.

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