I Spend All My Money On My Car!

young driver car insuranceIf you are a car owner, you probably know only too well how much you spend just keeping your car on the road and also keeping it legal to drive. After all, the car dealer knew full well that your car would bankrupt you when he sold it to you, but it was in his best interest to make you believe that you were getting a great deal.

There are so many things that we have to pay for to keep our cars, and at times we try not to think about them, as the thought¬† of not having a car and giving up that convenience, even if we don’t NEED to have one car per person, fills us with dread. Just to be a little scary, let’s think about all the things that we have to pay for every month just to be car owners:

– Buying it. When you meet the dealer and pick up the car and the keys, you feel like you are getting a great deal. After all, there are no repayments to make for six months, and you don’t have to pay interest on the money you owe. But once you start noticing the repayments coming out each month, you realize that your expenses are much higher than it felt when you signed the contract.

– Maintaining it. Especially when it starts rattling, the oil pump starts leaking, or a warning light comes on that won’t turn off.

– Gas. This gets more expensive every single year, and it won’t go down at this rate, not with all the wars in the Middle East and bad relations with oil producers like Russia, Venezuela and Iran.

– Insurance. Even if you are a safe driver, you need to buy insurance for every day that you are on the road. However, you can save money here. If you don’t drive every day, consider looking into short term car insurance to save some money.¬† And if you are under 25, look into the best young driver car insurance deals online. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save.

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