Short Term Car Insurance

Will your friend be interested in lending his or her automobile to you if you promise to take care of it well and if you make sure that you have separate insurance on your name?  Well, the first promise is something that everybody makes but the second promise will certainly be a deal clinching one.

As long as the friend is satisfied that the no claim bonus on the policy is not affected and the vehicle will be repaired even if it is damaged, you should not have any problem in convincing him or her to lend the automobile for a day or two.

If you have any doubts about the suitability of this transaction, just consider the cost of renting a vehicle for a few days.  Of course, a car rental is never going to give you the same level of comfort as an automobile that is owned by a person you know.

When you know the tastes of your friend, you can be confident that the car will be well maintained and in a good condition.  There is no such guarantee with car rental organizations.

Secondly, you will have to complete more formalities to get the vehicle if you opt for renting the same from a third party. Your friend will not bother about the cost of using the vehicle as long as you take care of the fuel and have short term car insurance policy that includes liability insurance.

Short term car insurance in your name will transfer all the risk of accident to your account. If you meet with an accident, the short term car insurance policy will kick in and shall pay the cost of repairing the vehicle and the damages to be payable to the third party.

The short term car insurance policy will leave you in charge of each and every aspect of the vehicle as long as it is in your possession. The best part is that short term insurance can be obtained for just a day or two if needed and will allow you to maintain affordable auto insurance.

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