Interesting Facts About the Star Spangled Banner That You Should Know

Among the many national anthems in the world, the Star-Spangled Banner is probably the most popular.

America’s national anthem is sung at the beginning of every major American public gathering and sporting event.

Francis Scott Key was the one who wrote the Star Spangled Banner lyrics way back when Fort McHenry was bombarded by the British fleet.

In 1931, it officially became the national anthem of the United States of America.

Most people do not know this but the full Star Spangled Banner lyrics actually contain four stanzas.  However, the official Star Spangled Banner lyrics just make use of the first stanza.

You can check out the complete lyrics of the U.S. national anthem by accessing the Star Spangled Banner lyrics printable online.

The US national anthem has been interpreted by various music artists. You can search those different interpretations in the Internet by typing “Star Spangled Banner Lyrics YouTube” in Google.

The Star Spangled Banner lyrics and music has been interpreted by Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Kelly Clarkson, among many others. With every different singer also comes a different feel and beat of the Star-Spangled Banner.

You can also learn to play the national anthem of the United States using your favorite musical instrument. There are a number of sites in the Internet where you can download the Star Spangled Banner lyrics sheet music for free.

The Star Spangled Banner music sheet is also available in music stores near you. Get one now and practice playing it using the piano, guitar, flute, or any other musical instrument.

Knowing and singing the Star Spangled Banner lyrics carries a feeling of patriotism and national pride. No words rang truer than “the home of the brave.” Get your soul be moved by the lyrics and music that go with it.

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