Kids Play and Learn With A Kids Kitchen Set

If you have small children, you have probably seen the toys that are like real appliances in the home that make kids feel more grown up.  With these toys they can pretend to do certain grown-up activities, like cook.

kid's kitchen playset

A kitchen playset for the kids will provide hours of fun.

You must then have also seen kids kitchen playsets.

The toy is a small model of a kitchen for your children to use their imagination and pretend that they can cook real food. 

The classic version of this toy comes with a model stove, a sink, and counters, with dishes and dishwasher.

These sets sometimes come with model pots and pans and food. These items are usually made of child friendly molded plastics that are brightly colored to catch a child’s eye, and scratch resistant to endure all the abuse that children put their toys through.

Some designs of the kids kitchen set come with devices that make sounds or have flashing lights.

These usually require a simple AA battery to operate, and then your child can have a more realistic cooking experience with sizzling sounds at the stove, or a lifelike cleaning experience with sounds of the sink or dishwasher.

Light up features are sometimes a digital clock on the model microwave or oven timer, and these parts may also have beeping sounds to indicate when the play-food is finished cooking.

kids kitchen sets

The classic version of the kids kitchen set toy comes with a model stove, a sink, and counters, with dishes and dishwasher.

Some advanced models do not even require the sound of running water because they come equipped with pumps to allow water to actually come out of the faucet.

When food is being “cooked” on the stove, red lights give the illusion that the burner is hot. There is also a section of the kids kitchen set where the children can hang their play pots and pans.

Not all of the kitchen items come together, so you might have to purchase some accessories separately such as a refrigerator, or specific types of play food. You might even find a phone that can be mounted on the wall of the kid kitchen set.

Many families even set them up outside in the yard, on the deck, or even the back patio.  Most if not all of these sets are made of plastic and won’t get damaged by rain, so there is no need to keep an eye on the weather.

Another benefit to the smooth hard plastic that most of these sets are made of is that it makes them easy to clean.  Usually all they need is a quick wipe down with a damp rag to keep them looking fresh and new.

Whatever type you buy, your kids are sure to have hours of fun in a safe and healthy way playing with their new kitchen play set.


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