Links of London High Quality Jewellery Collections

Links of London produce a large selection of high quality jewellery and accessories. The styling of their jewellery is a bit more sophisticated and formal that some of the other brands of popular fashion jewellery.

links of london 18k gold bracelet

Links of London 18ct Gold Bracelet

At one end of the scale, Links of London have an extensive range of charm jewellery which costs approximately £30 per charm ($50) making it very affordable.

In contrast they also product some top end designer jewellery, for example their show-piece ‘Effervescence Gold Bubble Tassle’ necklace costs about £2k ($3k) which puts it in a totally different price bracket.

Mr Men Collection

Links of London currently has a collection of jewellery and accessories which celebrates the popular series of ‘Mr Men’ children’s characters.

Even this is done rather tastefully and includes sterling silver charms, bracelets and other accessories depicting the Mr Men characters. They are the sort of items that are fondly worn and kept as a memento of childhood rather they are not your average throw-away items.

For instance, as well as jewellery, the Mr Men collection includes a sterling silver Mr Men bookmark, a beautiful practical item that would would also make a perfect keepsake gift.

McLaren Men’s Collection

Other examples of Links of London’s more sophisticated approach to design is the partnership they formed with the McLaren Formula 1 racing team to produce a signature range of men’s fashion accessories. This series of cuff links, rings, bracelets, functional items such as USB keyrings and a selection of leather accessories is precision engineered and takes inspiration from Formula 1 in its designs and the materials which are used.

Quality is Assured

As well as expecting a more sophisticated approach in the aesthetics of their jewellery, you can also expect very high standards in the craftsmanship of their jewellery also. Links of London use sterling silver, 18ct gold as well as high quality precious stones from non-conflict countries in the construction of their jewellery.

Beware of Cheap Imitations

Like a lot of other brands of jewellery, Links of London jewellery has become a target for counterfeiters. The most effective way to avoid purchasing fake jewellery is to check on the Links of London website where a list of genuine stocks is displayed.

As with most big brands of jewellery, their products are only sold through a network of authorised re-sellers and so checking their respective websites to ensure that the seller’s credentials pass this test is always advisable and something that be done very quickly.

For a selection of genuine Links of London Jewellery see here.

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