The Intimacy of a Piano Lamp

In ancient days candles were used to shed light over the piano keys and the music sheets.  Nowadays piano lamps take the place of candles and candelabras which were especially great at doing this because they fulfilled their function well and also helped in the creation of the right mood and ambiance to listen thus helping the pianist and the audience. 

piano lamps

At the same time a piano lamp provides listeners with the dim light that enhances the experience of listening to music.

A piano lamp is like the modern candle, though a much more safer one.  If it falls there isn’t the risk of creating a fire.

These special lamps are made to light the piano keys and music sheets almost leaving everything else in a dim, intimate light.  The lamp shades on these lights are important and they prevent glare reaching the eyes of the player and avoid lighting up the whole room.

This creates the same ambiance that candles used to lend to piano playing and it gives the piano player the introspection needed to play more intimate pieces of music like one of Chopin’s Nocturnes or one of the Beethoven’s Sonatas.

At the same time a piano lamp provides listeners with the dim light that enhances the experience of listening to music. The focused light can even help solve an inspiration problem that some composers might be experiencing as it creates the right mood of introspection needed for creating a new and unique piece of music.

It is now understood that light has profound effect on our psyche. Different levels of lighting can have different effects on moods and there are several studies that link lighting to mood disorders.

Studies also indicate that different lighting in the office such as using a torchiere floor lamp can cause more or less productivity and enhance positive or negative moods. So if good lighting is recommended to great a more productive and harmonious working space, why would music and the practice of music be any different?

Good lighting will cause an improvement in mood and thus a more harmonious experience. This enhances creativity and performance in a piano player.

Of course a good piano lamp can’t work miracles but it certainly helps. It will provide the pianist with a better mood enhancing the performance and will provide the audience with the level of lighting needed to appreciate a beautiful piece of music.

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