Words Of Wisdom When Choosing A Pressure Washer Machine

image of Karcher electric pressure washer

A heavy duty electric pressure washer like this Karcher model is a favorite among home and business owners alike.

Pressure washing is one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting a cleaning job done around the home or at an industrial location. We use home pressure washers for cleaning the garage floor, the driveway, the siding, the deck, boat and windows among many other things.

Today, there are so many manufacturers that are producing a wide range of pressure washer models. The choice is really wide and the prices are generally going down.

Having been writing on pressure washers for a considerable period of time, I have developed what one would call words of wisdom when choosing a pressure washer machine. These are meant to help newcomers to the pressure washing industry make informed choices.

Pressure Washers for Business

Starting a pressure washing small business is a good idea considering that the niche is quite busy during most parts of the year. Many people attempting to start a small business are not sure what to do concerning their equipment.

To begin, the equipment needed to start a pressure washer business is generally expensive. This is because not all type of equipment will do. You need high output pressure washers of as much as 4000PSI to 5000PSI. In terms of brand name these are your John Deere type of pressure washers.

One of the easiest strategies that you can apply in cutting back your start-up costs is by investing time in your equipment search. Many people are not aware that refurbished pressure washers are an excellent starting point. Not only are they much cheaper than brand new pressure washers but are in fact near brand new.

Refurbs, as they are called in the industry, are essentially pressure washers that have been returned to the manufacturer for one reason or another.

In most cases, the reasons are minor such as a deflated tire or an incorrectly connected pump. This means these pressure washers are essentially new. You may therefore purchase at half price and use them in your business.  You can use the same pressure washer detergents in them too.

Most people stay away from refurbs simply because they fear that the warranty would have been drastically reduced. Again in this regard, I have found out that the warranty is often reduced to only 12 months. Looked at from a business perspective 12 months will give you adequate time to recover money spent on the machine using a good business plan.

Pressure Washers for Home Use

When choosing a home pressure washer the words of wisdom are that first make a list of the work you would like the pressure washer to do. In most cases you will find that you need an electric powered pressure washer of about 1500 PSI to 2500PSI. This means you will pay less than when buying a heavy duty machine blindly.  Karcher pressure washers are a perennial favorite and replacement parts for them are easy to get.

Be sure to read pressure washer reviews.

Also take time to read reviews of your identified pressure washer.  Amazon.com always has lots of user testimonials. Reviews always provide a good sense of what to expect in a pressure model. Generally, stay away from pressure washer machines with lots of poor reviews. It speaks volumes about the model and the manufacturer behind it.

You may want to avoid gas powered pressure washers for home use. There is a chance that someday down the road one will make a mistake of using them indoors. They produce a deadly odorless gas called carbon monoxide. This will become deadly when the machine is being used indoors. It is for this reason that many people just prefer to buy an electric pressure washer from the onset for safety reasons.

Hopefully, this will make things a little easier as you approach your pressure washer shopping be it for business or for home use.

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