The 411 on Evinrude boat propellers

Evinrude propellers can be used on both old and new boat engines. This propeller brand provides optimal performance and offers wide options to the customer.

Variety of options for Evinrude propeller users

The Evinrude firm has been in the industry since the early years of the 20th century. It specializes in motor engines and the well known Evinrude propellers.

The company produces a variety of boat propellers so that customers will have the options in buying for the one they need in order to maximize the performance of their vessel for whatever application they require. The company has their own line of engines that use propellers produced specifically for them.

evinrude boat propeller

There are many different varieties of propellers that you can buy for your Evinrude-Johnson boat motor.

Varied types of propellers

Evinrude engines use many types of propellers. Evinrude boat propellers are made from materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminum propeller blades are lightweight and affordable while stainless steel propellers are generally considered to be stronger versus the aluminum ones given the same blade dimensions. Evinrude has different lines of boat propellers. You can look into these options and see which can give you better performance that you require.

Features of Evinrude propellers

The Apollo Evinrude boat props by Michigan Wheel are made of stainless steel materials. There are over two dozen different propellers in the Apollo line.

Each of these propellers can work well with the different models of boat engines. Versatility is among best feature of Evinrude boat props.

Vortex Evinrude propellers by Michigan Wheel are made from aluminum. Just like the Apollo line, Vortex features a selection of three and four blades in the propeller.

The propellers are available in either right hand or left hand rotation depending on the type or model. Other Evinrude brand props include Ballistic Evinrude propellers which are made from stainless steel and the Michigan Match Evinrude props offer aluminum and stainless steel models.


With the wide options that Evinrude offer to its customers, you can be assured that you have one that is best suited to your needs. You just have to remember that propellers you use should follow the manufacturer’s specification in order for your vessel to perform better.

Other Considerations

You should consider all the factors when buying a propeller such as; what is it made with, number of blades, pitch and so on.  Propellers are available in various shapes and sizes and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are uncertain regarding making a choice, it is better that you talk with the manufacturer to explain things to you. You should be knowledgeable enough so that you can protect your investment and get the best performance that you deserve from your vessel. Your choice of propeller should complement your specific application in order to maximize its usefulness.

Evinrude propellers offer wide choices made from different materials and number of blades which can be used for your specific task. If you consider these options you will surely find one suitable to your need.

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