Four Reasons You Need a New Toy Chest

Are you tired of looking at a beat up, dingy toy box? Children can be hard on toy chests, especially ones they play with on a regular basis.

kid's toy chest

Some like them big and some like them small, but either way - a toy chest for the kids is a necessity for most parents. $60.00 and up for a good quality plastic toy chest for boys or girls. Of course you can expect to pay more for a quality wooden toy box.

With so many products having poor quality, it’s not surprising they only last a few years.  Here are some signs that you may need to get a replacement.

  1. The paint has lead in it. This is not immediately obvious unless there’s a recall.  But if your toy box was made in China, it may be a good idea to do a home lead test to rule out the possibility, especially if you have a small child who chews on it.
  2. The sides or bottom are broken.  Broken toy chests for boys or girls do not work! They are dangerous and can not hold toys properly.  Replace these right away.
  3. The hinges are broken. These are often the first parts to go on a toy box.  You may notice that they are “sticky” and hard to open and close.  This can cause the lid to get stuck in a closed position with the child inside, which can lead to suffocation.  Don’t hesitate in replacing these.
  4. The wood is warped. This can also cause the lid to be stuck in a closed position.  This type of toy box needs to be replaced right away.

Once you’ve decided to replace your toy box, you have a fun time ahead of you!  There are so many good models available. You can find a design to fit any room in your house.

You could also get a toy box that your child could play with, like this Thomas toy box whose lid doubles as a train track. You could even get a multipurpose wooden toy box that works as a bench or bookshelf.

Whatever you choose, it’s bound to be an improvement over a broken toy chest!

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