Want A Color Ebook Reading Device?

kindle fire 4th generation color ebook reader

The Kindle Fire - Color Ebook Reader

There have been plenty of rumors and speculation that the newest version of the Kindle ebook reading device would be released with a color screen.

The Kindle 4th generation wireless reader is expected to have a color screen feature because the company that makes the E Ink pearl Technology has already announced that they are now capable of making colored E Ink.

Since Amazon has been very loyal with the E Ink ever since the very first version of the Kindle reader, then we can only expect that they will also use the new colored version of this amazing ink for the newest model of Kindle reader. Visit this site for more details.

The Kindle reading device with a color screen will most definitely enhance the product use of this device, and this will also improve the ebook reading experience of the users.

We know that with the availability of various ebook readers nowadays, most of which have pictures and illustrations that would definitely look even more wonderful in colors, then there is no doubt that a color screen reading device becomes more of a need rather than just a want.

And with the electronic subscriptions for both magazines and newspapers nowadays, more and more people would truly demand a color screen reading device this time.  After all, reading electronic magazines, story books, newspapers, and text books will surely be a lot more enjoyable and fun when done with a colored screen reading device.

Because of this, we can only expect that Amazon will never disappoint its users and will definitely improve the Kindle ebook reader to a color screen one.

This makes it possible for the Kindle 4 to be more expensive compared to the previous versions’ initial prices. However, this does not matter because people will still patronize this device — especially now that we know it will have a color screen and will be called the Kindle Fire.

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