Working with Weights

Many people are exercise buffs. They just love to exercise, especially weight lifters. Everybody wants to impress women with well-toned arms and striking bicep muscles. The following are a number of arm exercises which will give you get the desired toned arms.

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Focus on Arms

If you are serious about getting fabulously toned arms then your workout schedule should revolve around your arms.

You can either have an ‘only arms’ session. Nevertheless, the most effective workouts are ones which incorporate exercises focused on toning the arms as well as the upper body or even the arms and the lower body.

Toning your Biceps

There are various exercises that you can perform for your arms, with reference to weight training, especially the bicep region. Some related exercises are given below:

  • Concentration Curl: You have to isolate the muscles in the bicep region for this exercise. This exercise requires two postures – either standing while bending or sitting down.
  • Rotational Dumbbell Arm Curl: Start this exercise by facing the palms inwards. Then the weight needs to be brought up to the chest. The rotational dumbbell curl focuses on your biceps, as well as the muscles in your forearms. If you want to have an exercise session focused on only your arms, definitely include this in your regimen.
  • Barbell Curl: For this exercise you will require a bar not dumbbells. You can use either an EZ curl bar or even a standard bar. This type of arm exercise is especially good for the bicep area.
  • Preacher Curl: This is another type of a curl, and it focuses on not the biceps but the lower muscles in the upper arm region. The equipment which you require for this exercise is something called a ‘preacher bench’ or you can use a substitute, but the substitute should work just as a preacher bench would.

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Workouts for the Triceps

You can have muscle workouts for not only your biceps but your triceps as well.  You can opt for any one of the following exercises:

  • Assisted Dips: For this exercise you will require an assisted dip machine. They work on the muscles at the back of your arms.
  • Skull crusher: A skull crusher requires a bench as well as dumbbells. This is a more advanced exercise so be careful before doing it.
  • Cable Pushdown: You will probably have to do this at a gym because you will need a cable apparatus that has weights which are adjustable. Nevertheless, this is good for pushing with your forearms at a parallel position to the floor instead of at a distance from your chest.
  • Triceps Extension: This exercise is similar to the skull crusher. Just as in the skull crusher, you will need a bench or you can do this in a standing position as well. This type of exercise supports the back which allows more concentration to be placed on your triceps.

So whether, you want to work on your biceps or your triceps it is always good to invest in a pair of dumbbells.

There are of course plenty of other exercise and weight training routines to try, but sometimes the simplest ones that you can do at home are the most effective.

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