6 Factors That Lead To Teeth Discoloration

One of the most popular dental procedures today is teeth whitening. Many people have discolored or stained teeth and this can be due to a number or different issues ranging from age to diet.

In some cases, teeth staining can be reduced simply by changing negative habits like smoking. In other cases, bleaching is required to restore the teeth close to their original color.

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Factors that lead to tooth staining.

1.    Aging

There is a direct link between aging and teeth color. As people age, the teeth tend to get discolored due to years of wear and tear and the teeth appear more yellow.

Whitening of the teeth tends to get more difficult as people age and this is due to the formation of stubborn stains. Small cracks in the teeth caused by grinding, or trauma to the teeth can lead to discoloration.

2.    Genetics

There are genetic traits that can lead to discoloration. People with teeth that are more thick or opaque will show less signs of discoloration that those with more translucent teeth. Teeth that are thin or translucent have less pigment and in many cases, bleaching does not appear to have successful results.

3.    Diet

Your eating habits will determine the condition or color of your teeth. People who frequently consume dark beverages like red wine, cola, coffee and tea will often get discolored teeth. Foods like carrots and citrus fruits that have a lot of acid, also affect the appearance of the teeth. Acidic foods lead to erosion of the enamel, exposing the dentin that is yellow colored.

4.    Smoking

Smoking is a very common cause of teeth discoloration. People who have been smoking for many years exhibit damaged teeth due to the nicotine and other chemicals in the cigarettes. Nicotine stains teeth by leaving deposits that soak into the teeth structure causing discoloration from the inside.

5.    Drugs

Some drugs or medication can lead to teeth discoloration. Those who are on certain medication over long periods of time will tend to notice the discoloration. Exposing children to certain medication like tetracycline during the teeth formation stage can lead to formation of stains that are difficult to remove.

6.    Water

Chemicals found in water can lead to teeth discoloration. In places where the water has a lot of fluoride, people are prone to teeth discoloration problems or fluorosis. This can be a common occurrence where people use water from wells or other sources.

What To Do About It?

Many people visit their dentist and see what can be done about their teeth of course, but nowadays there are many options to whiten and brighten the teeth at home.  Some of the teeth whitening kits can be quite expensive – but you generally get what you pay for.

Take your time when shopping around if the do it yourself option is what you choose, and remember that some people get much better results than others no matter what teeth whitening product they use.


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