Looking for a Good Carrier Furnace Wholesale Bargain

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Carrier makes a variety of different furnaces.

Carrier is a world leader in the manufacture of HVAC systems, and the name itself is a mark of durability. So, it’s not surprising that a lot of people want a Carrier unit in their homes.  But where can you get a great Carrier furnace wholesale deal?

The easiest and most convenient way to check out furnace prices is by checking out internet merchants, such as eBay and specific sites of certain brands, like Carrier.  For instance, a Carrier Infinity Model with 80 AFUE can go for about $1430 on eBay.  The higher the AFUE, the more value you get for each dollar spent.

To clarify, a unit with a 95% AFUE means that you get 95 cents worth of heat for each dollar shelled out. Generally, the cost of a Carrier Infinity Furnace can range from $1000 to less than $2000.  Note though that prices increase as BTU numbers go up, and units are very likely to be more expensive if store bought.  That’s why it’s better to opt for wholesale HVAC equipment.

There are a number of dealers of HVAC equipment and even unit parts.  You can search for these on eBay, but you have to be vigilant because Carrier brands are hard to find.  It’s not because there aren’t any, it’s because what’s on sale easily gets snatched up by clients since the brand is quite popular.  Another option is for you to visit local Carrier dealers or merchants of varied brands.  Be sure to understand the need to replace your furnace filters on a regular basis too.

So, before getting a furnace, do your research on the best Carrier furnace wholesale deal. There are a lot of options out there, just make sure that what you get will suit your needs.  For example, if you live somewhere warm, it’s not advisable for you to get a furnace unit that has a high AFUE. In addition, keep in mind that a Carrier unit bought online doesn’t normally come with a warranty.

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