Crappie Ice Fishing: Tips To Follow

crappie ice fishingCrappie ice fishing is a really fun thing to do during the cold weathers of the winter season. If you want to bring in some excitement when its snowing outside, this is a really good thing for you to do.

However, remember that catching crappies through ice can be a tough job at times. So, take the time to learn the different pieces of advice that I will be offering you in this article.

First, you need to know that crappies during the winter time often relate to sharp drop offs, submerged pieces of wood under deep water, and suspend in deep water flats.

Finding crappies suspended in 35 feet of water is usually really rare.  Based on the fact that crappies can be found anywhere from 5 ft to the bottom of the water where you’re going to set out to fish, a handy fish finder such as the Vexilar is considered a must.

Next, keep in mind that when you’re catching crappies, they are a schooling fish or are ones that travel in groups. This means that if you get the chance to catch one, there is a high possibility that others are nearby in the area where you are so try to use different types of bait or jigs and vary the depths of your presentations as well especially if you don’t have a flasher with you.

Crappies do not usually go close to bait in a downward approach, which means that it would be a good choice for you to present your bait above them as compared to placing it underneath them. You can attest to this by using a Vexilar fish finder such as the FL-18.   Try to observe how crappies go towards your bait.

Lastly, crappies are often caught during daylight however; doing your fishing early in the morning and during twilight evening periods would be best.  Take note of these tips as they can also be applied to ice fishing for lake trout.

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