How To Buy And Look Good In Vintage Clothing

At different times in our lives we often feel that our wardrobe needs a bit of a style injection. Your clothing may be fine, you could just need a few items of vintage clothing to jazz things up.

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In the past decade sales of vintage clothing has soared and now it seems that everybody wants to wear vintage. This style has appeal to both sexes but many are unsure of how to wear vintage clothing.

If you want to wear vintage clothing like the professional fashionistas then you have to wear it in the right way. This is one fashion trend that has a distinctive look, see the following tips to help get the look right.

1. Choose where you are going to find your clothing.

If you are serious about wearing vintage clothing or any other style of fashion you have to know where to go to buy the clothing. Invest in a small number of items that are good quality and can be worn in a number of different ways.

Check the garments before you buy them to make sure that the fabric is still in good condition. New vintage is all the rage and it does mimic vintage style but it doesn’t have the authentic appearance that true vintage clothing has.

There is a lot of good quality vintage clothing in the online stores and you may well have some clothing stores nearby that trade in vintage garments. This is a good way to upcyle clothing. If neither of those options appeal then try visiting the thrift stores, you may be able to pick up some vintage clothing at knock down prices.

2. Layered clothing looks good.

If you wear layers of vintage clothing then there is every chance that you will look great. It doesn’t matter whether the clothes you choose to wear come from different decades, just layer them.

Floaty maxi dresses look amazing when worn with a vintage silk kimono over the top, add a fringed scarf and the look becomes even more mysterious. Layer shirts and blouses with vests or wear a wool jacket that has extra detailing for a very different look.

When you begin experimenting with the layered look you will create a style that is entirely personal.

3. Copy the looks of professionally styled celebrities.

Look online and in books and films and see how the famous used to wear vintage clothing. Vintage clothing features in many magazines and fashion ads so take note of what they are wearing and how they are wearing it. Look out for items of clothing that have a similar appearance and style to the clothing that you would love to be seen wearing yourself. By doing this you will be learning all about vintage fashion.

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