Wool Jackets – The Many Benefits

wool jackets and outerwear

Many fine wool jackets and coats for men are made with 100% wool like the one above and work great as cold weather clothing.

You may be in the market for a wool jacket but want to know if it is all it has been hyped up to be.  The simple answer to this question is: yes, it is.

When it comes to summer clothing, what you want is light breathability.  That means cotton, linen, and silk are the fabrics of choice.  However, when you want to stay warm in the winter, you must turn to a different source of warmth than fabrics that are produced from plants, insects, or man-made processes.

The solution is to turn to the animals.  Animals with thick coats of fur stay warm without clothing even in the harshest environments.  This is where wool plays an important role in keeping people warm all winter long.

You will find wool in all kinds of clothing applications for outerwear including socks, long underwear, suits, pants, sweaters, as well as jackets.  Other textiles are also made of wool, such as blankets, large area rugs, and wall-to-wall carpeting.

wool jackets for women

When it comes to wool jackets for women they are usually made with a blend of other materials to keep the weight down.

When it comes to wool jackets for women, typically thick, heavy types of wool are used to provide you with the greatest level of warmth possible.  This natural textile is far superior at providing you with warmth than anything man-made.

Having said that, nylon and acrylic are often added to jackets and heavy coats made primarily out of wool to help keep the cost down.  This is disappointing, but when cost is a factor, you may opt for a jacket made with a fabric blend, or one with a fleece lining.

Besides boasting the ability to keep you warm, fine wool is also a very flattering material. There are many different styles today, but since they are all considered high-end, they are always beautiful and becoming.

Since wool can hold dyes very well, wool jackets and outerwear sometimes come in bright, bold colors. These do not fade even after many years and exposure to different kinds of abuse in the form of cold weather and snow.

Some jackets made out of wool are very fashionable and great for business applications while others are meant to keep you warm even on your cold weather hikes through the tundra, or when used for hunting clothes.  You can find a womens long wool jacket or coat (not too heavy or thick)  that is bright red and double-breasted that fits your curves perfectly.

Not only does this suggest that you know how to keep warm—you also convey your fashion sense and showcase the fact that you are not afraid of color!  Possibly the only downside to wool clothing is that it must be dry-cleaned in most instances, save for certain washable wool blankets and such, but since it repels dirt and does not attract odors, the frequency of the need to clean your wool jackets and other wool outerwear is decreased greatly.

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