How to Refinish Resin Wicker Chairs

wicker accent chair

You can refinish an old wicker accent chair, but you must follow the proper steps to get good results.

Resin chairs can be purchased readily from any furniture store. Even chairs which are a little old can be refinished to make them look brand new again.

This will restore them to their former glory and will make them look splendid, elegant and classy. Resin is made from polyurethane and it looks shiny like plastic.

Resin furniture is available in many forms and sizes.  In fact, it is not unusual to see a resin chaise lounge by the pool or a resin accent chairsThey are ideal for outdoor use because they resist scratches and dents.

Before refinishing a resin chair, you need to clean the resin wicker first. Get rid of mold and mildew by spraying cleaning products especially made for them.  Let the cleanser soak on the wicker chair first before wiping it with paper towels. Make sure that the chair is completely dry.

Move the wicker to a well-ventilated area before starting the painting process.  Wear protective clothing like masks and gloves before applying the paint.  Put old newspapers on the area where you will be painting the chair so that the paint will not go to other areas where you do not want it to.

Pay special attention to the above note if you are tackling this project in your garage on your newly finished garage floor coating.

Apply a coat of primer first.  Be sure to get primer which is especially made for resin. Do not use any other paint. Choose a paintbrush which is made of natural bristles.  Apply thin coats so that it does not clump over the wicker strands.  Let the primer rest for 24 hours.

Apply a light coat of paint over the dry primer. Hold the spray paint one foot away from the furniture and apply light, even strokes and coat the entire chair with the paint. Wait for the first coat to dry first before applying the second coat of paint. Let it dry thoroughly, it might take 48 hours.

Once it is dry, you can use your wicker chairs again. Whether you use them indoors or out these chairs go great with a seashell decor.

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