Excellent ideas for packing light

Who likes those checked bag fees that the airlines charges these days? Currently, you may take your carry on for free.  Therefore, it is a good idea to maximize that space in the carry on and pack very light (with everything that is important in there).

If you have the skills and mind set, you can easily do this. People don’t need to learn how to pack heavier or learn how to pack more.  You need to pack lighter. So put on your dual time zone watches and be ready to travel the world lighter.

Not too long ago, if you would travel on lengthy trips you would need to carry dozen of books with you.  Now it’s easy. You can carry thousands of classic books and best sellers and in one ereader such as the Barnes and Noble nook.   Also, the nook accessories are light in weight.  All of it can easily fit your handbags.

Consider all your clothing items. Because you have limited space in your carry on, you need to consider everything carefully.  A very good idea is bring items that can be worn a minimum of 3 times.  Clothing items that can be worn once should be taken out of your bag. For women, skirts are a great example of a very functional item that can be worn in different situations.

An excellent idea for those items that are in carry on bag is to be certain that they all are wrinkle resistant. This feature will save you time at your destination where you don’t have find an iron.  Clothing manufacturers make clothes resistant to wrinkles for this reason.  Also, you can get packing cubes to prevent wrinkles and save space.

Clothing manufactures have fashioned some of their clothing to be reversible.  This is clever as you can wear a shirts, skirts, jackets, etc and it will look different.

You only need to bring two pairs of pants. These two pairs consist of a pair of khakis and fancy pair.  The khakis are versatile.

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