Pain relief from braces

When you first have braces placed on your teeth or when they are tightened it may be a frustrating process as it shifts the teeth and can be quite painful. A Daly City Dental will provide you with pain relief tips such as rinsing with hot water but there are other things you can try that will be able to help you manage the pain that comes with braces.

Here are some tips to try in order to see if you can reduce the amount of pain you are in:

  • Ibuprofen can help to manage the pain, just make sure they will not interfere with other medications you may be taking.  You should also speak to your Daly City family dentist about taking pain killers in order to see if they recommend that you take different pain killers.
  • If you experience swelling from braces, you need to use warm saltwater to rinse out your mouth each day. This will not only limit the pain but it helps to reduce any swelling that occurs with teeth that are being moved due to braces.
  • Meet with your dental care provider to have the braces altered if you find that you are constantly getting canker sores and cuts in your mouth because of the braces rubbing on the gums. They may be able to cut the wires that are poking you but changes are they will provide you with dental wax that you can place on the brackets. In time your gums will start to get used to the braces and the sores will be reduced.
  • When you have a canker sore, the brackets that rub against it can make it very difficult for them to heal. You may need to not only use dental wax to prevent the canker sore from getting worse but you might want to try using oral anesthetic to numb the area where the canker sore is as this will help to reduce the pain.

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