Steps in Painting Aluminum Window Frames

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Sometimes, plain aluminum windows can look boring and too cheap, particularly if the design does not match the interior or exterior theme.

Additionally, these windows will also need some extra protection form the elements to ensure better and longer performance.

By painting them with attractive colors that will match the décor in your home, you can transform dull-looking windows into stunning and colorful windows.

Let’s take a look at the materials you will need to do this job right.


Hot water

Mild soap


Steel wool


Painter’s tape

Old newspaper

Prime paint for metal

Cans of spray paint

Preparation of Substrate:

As with any DIY project, you need to take the time to prepare the substrate carefully and completely. Without taking these crucial preparatory steps, the paint will not adhere to the surface for a long time and you will need to repaint the windows in just a few years. In order for the paint to last for a very long time, the following steps are crucial.

Wash the aluminum with hot water mixed with mild soap to remove debris and dirt.

Scuff the aluminum sash and frame with steel wool to aid the paint in adhering to the surface.After sanding, wipe down the aluminum sashes and frame with vinegar.

Wipe the aluminum frame and sash with damp cloth and let dry.

Once the aluminum is dry, use painter’s tape to tape the edges of the glass. Cover the glass with newspaper, careful that every spot is covered to prevent spraying with paint.

Painting Steps:

After complete preparation, you can then proceed to the main event- painting the aluminum windows.

Place the aluminum windows on a sturdy table or sawhorse in an open area or a well-ventilated garage. However, do not spray paint when there is wind or breeze as it will scatter the paint to other areas that do not need paint.

Using the prime coat, spray it in back and forth motions to create the first layer on the aluminum. Keep the spraying at about a foot away from the surface. Let the prime coat dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Once the prime coat has dried, apply the top coat. By once again spraying paint in back and forth motions, the aluminum can be painted completely with the desired final coat.

Wait 24 hours before removing the newspaper and tape from the windows. This will ensure that the paint has dried completely.

Reinstall the aluminum windows carefully.

By carefully following the steps enumerated above, you can ensure that the beauty of newly painted aluminum windows will last for a very long time.


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