Wall Mount Basketball Hoop: Why it’s Better

wall mount basketball hoop and backboard

Wall mounted basketball hoop and back board.

A lot of people feel that wall mount basketball hoops are better as compared to your standard pole hoops.

The reason behind that is wall mount hoops are easier to install and are more portable as opposed to pole hoops. The standard pole hoops require a lot of digging and cementing, while wall mount hoops would only need to be screwed in place.

You might argue that there are now stand-alone basketball hoops that could also be easily transferred from place to place. You have a point, yes, but you also have to take into consideration that these stand-alone hoops would require you to fill it with water or sand in order to make it stay in place.

Water is not very stable, and would slosh all over the place, but yes, it is very easy to empty. Sand on the other hand, is a lot more stable compared to water, but it is very hard to empty. Now why would you choose those over something that only needs a few screws or bolts to remove?

Wall mount basketball hoops can be set up either in your homes, gymnasiums, roofs or garages. When buying one, you have to check that the supporting brackets are sturdy and intact.

You should also be sure that the backboard and hoop comes with the mounting bracket when you place your order, as many times the bracket is an add-on accessory.  This is because there are different brackets available depending on where you are going to mount the hoop and backboard. These will hold the hoop away from your homes, thus lessening the risk for damage.

Backboard shapes for wall mount hoops could either be fan-shaped or rectangular. You could also choose the make and the width size of your backboard. You could either have acrylic, fiberglass, steel or tempered glass.

As for the width, your options range from 48 inches to 72 inches, with six-inch increments in between. So basically, it’s 42, 54, 60 or 72 inches. For the beginners, a wider backboard is recommended.

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